Functional diagnostics is an important part of modern medicine. Data obtained with the help of functional diagnostics, complementing the results of studies to identify somatic abnormalities.

All systems and organs are connected. For example, the change in the functional state of the nervous system entails a variety of symptoms. Often without a proper examination it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis.

The importance of functional diagnostics acquires in the case of treatment failure in chronic disease or in the absence of visible somatic pathologies simultaneously with the continuing complaints of the patient. Modern methods allow to find out how the systems and organs cope with the load. Evaluation of the functional state of the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems are the main objectives of the surveys.

Our center has the most modern equipment for the efficient and accurate diagnosis.

For example,

Holter system ECG “EC-3H” produced by “Labtech” (Hungary), and in particular, the recorder of the EU-ZN with high precision registers independent 3-channel ECG, the list including also the determination of the number of stimulated contractions.

Compact digital single-channel and three-channel electrocardiograph combines high quality and functionality. Cost-effective, reliable and easy to use ECG device allows you to record in real time. ECG — 12 standard leads:I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6.

Simulator for training the legs MOTOmed viva2 optimally complements the sports and medical treatment in medical institutions and at home, as it allows for regular classes, therapy whatever the weather at any time of the year. Training of arms and upper body specifically strengthens the muscles of arms, muscles of the upper body and shoulder, and respiratory muscles. In Germany, the trainer MOTOmed viva2 recognized by state medical insurance as an auxiliary means of rehabilitation.

Direct appointment of a rehabilitation treadmill that the restoration of function of musculoskeletal system after surgical interventions.