Diagnosis and treatment is impossible without a preliminary examination of the patient. Every patient needs quality examination, and it is based on the data analyses. In public clinics the service level is very low, and the equipment in most cases obsolete. But not in our lab.
In our laboratory, are some of the newest and quality of equipment and survey programs. On this basis, we conduct variety of tests and analyses, which you can not doubt it.

List of services provided by the laboratory:

  • Common clinical analysis:

  1. General analysis of blood(gallery)
  2. Urinalysis
  3. Sample Nechiporenko
  4. Blood thick blood
  5. General analysis of blood(triad)
  6. Blood erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  7. The coagulation time
  8. Determination of hemoglobin
  • Biochemical analyses:

  1. ALT

  2. AST

  3. Bilirubin

  4. Urea

  5. Creatinine

  6. Ethanol test

  7. Total protein

  8. Calcium

  9. Coagulation

  10. Glucose

  11. Cholesterol

  12. HDL cholesterol

  13. Cholesterol LDL

  14. Triglyceride

  • Immunological analyses

  1. ASLO streptolysin “O”

  2. Rheumafaktor

  3. SLO

  4. Blood group factor

  5. Express diagnostics of syphilis(RW)

  6. Hepatitis C by the rapid

  7. Hepatitis In the method of Express

  8. Cardiac Troponin